The Lab’

The Lab’

The Democratic Lab’ is a Tunisian NGO based on the values of the universal declaration of human rights, and which aims to contribute, independently, to creating and rooting an innovative and living democracy, through:

  • research, analysis and debate
  • implementation of targeted actions
  • propositions to the public authorities, civil society and public opinion.
Executive board

Farah Hached, president: 

Farah Hached holds an LLM in public laws from Pantheon-Assas University (Paris) and and LLM  from Northwestern University (Chicago). After several years of professional experience in relation to international organizations, NGOs and university teaching, and then in the private sector, she created her own legal consulting firm.

Salma Chaari, general secretary: 

Salma Chaari holds an LLM in European laws and Maghreb-Europe relationships from Tunis II University. After many years as legal consultant, she became attorney at law in 2005.

Khaled Benjennet, treasurer: 

Khaled Benjennet is graduated from HEC Paris and worked in several recognized consulting and audit firms, and financial institutions.

Advisory board

Zohra Bellamine, farmer
Mohamed Elyes Ben Rayana, financier
Chedly Ben Salem, business owner (IT)
Sarah Ben Hamadi, journalist
Adel Benzine, consultant
Samah Krichah, engineer
Marouen Zbidi, architect

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